Soap Making Supplies

Soap Supplies


Here you can find a list of everything you will need to Start Making Soap!  I’ve included some recommendations and links for good products at decent prices if you’ve been bitten by the soap bug and need to get supplies so you can make all the beautiful bars of soap your heart desires!  Feel Free to post comments or email me with reviews or suggestions for products!


Safety Equipment


Good quality chemical resistant or household cleaning or dish gloves will provide good protection.



Safety goggles that completely shield and enclose your eyes will protect you from splatter, splashes, and fumes.

Soap Making Equipment


Digital Scale

A digital scale that measures ounces and grams to the tenth (1.0) or to the hundreth (1.00)



A dial, digital, or infrared thermometer can be used; test the accuracy every now and then to measure reliability.

Digital Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer


A Crockpot or Stainless Steel Pot/Stovetop Range can be used to heat oils and cook soap.

Stick Blender / Immersion Blender

Stick blenders are perfect for thoroughly mixing your soap recipe.

pH Strips

You can use pH strips to test each batch of soap to make sure it is mild and pH balanced.

Phenolphthalein Solution (alternative for pH testing)


Soap Making Supplies: Lye

Sodium Hydroxide NaOH Lye

Potassium Hydroxide KOH Lye

Soap Making Supplies: Molds

Molds can be made from household objects and professional craftsmen and everything in between.
Molds are generally plastic/acrylic, silicone, or wooden.

The different types of molds include:

~Flat Slab Molds~
~Long Loaf Molds~
~Individual Bar Molds~
~Individual Variety Shaped Molds~

You can find good quality molds, dividers, and soap cutters at good prices by looking on sites like ebay, amazon, and etsy.
Keep an eye out for specialty molds with beautiful patterns and shapes!

Soap Making Supplies: Oils & Butters

Vegetable oils and butters to use as fat/oil in your soap recipes: is a  site that has a lot of choices with a wide variety of oils and butters that feature good quality, respect for the environment, and good prices. is another site with good selection and prices.  You can also try searching eBay for good deals on oils and butters.


Soap Making Supplies: Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for scent and skin benefits. is a great source for Essential Oils with a good selection and comptetitive prices.


Soap Making Supplies: Scents and Fragrances

For scent and fragrance you can use the essential oils found at or visit a site like,,, or as these sites have special dedicated sections with large selections of scents and fragrances.


Soap Making Supplies: Colorants has a very good selection of natural herbs that can be used to color soap. has a good selection of pigments, micas, oxides, and ultramarines that can be used to color soap.  Organic-Creations also sell a selection of soap colorants as well as other additives.


 Soap Making Supplies: Preservatives

Rosemary Oleoresin can be found at

Grapefruit Seed Extract can be found at


Soap Making Supplies: Packaging and both sell small quantities, or if you need to buy in bulk or want special packaging for your own company, you can visit a sites like,,, or


Personalized Soap Making Supplies

Personalized and custom soap stamps can be found on sites like,   People who create custom stamps can be found in places like or  You can also look into creating your own custom stamps in tutorials or by signing up for the free guide on how to make soap and lots of other soap making tips and techniques.

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