Soap Making Technique ~ Embedding

Soap Making Technique Embedding

Example of Embeds

There are several ways to make handmade soap artistic and unique.  One popular technique that can create personalized soaps that are full of personality is embedding.  This technique can easily be learned and applied by you for beautiful custom results.

Embedding can be used to give a decorative and unexpected unique touch to your soaps.  Embedding is when you take little cutouts of previously made soap and place them in your new soap recipe.  These cutouts are called “embeds” and they can be any shape.   They will show up on the top surface or when you cut into the soap to make bars.

First you would need to make your embedded soap shapes.  You would pour soap mixture into a mold for your embedded shapes- some cute and small shapes of your choice, or just about any shape that will fit into a sliced bar of your finished soap.  Some companies make plastic or silicone molds and trays with interesting shapes like geometric figures, flowers, etc, that can be filled and you can pop out or slice your embedded shapes after about 24 hours or when they’re firm.  You can also use cookie cutters, a soap shaver to make curls, or a stainless steel knife if you’re good at free-handing and sculpting.

Next you would create your soap mixture by using cold process soap making procedures and following safety precautions.  Once your soap mixture has reached light or medium trace you can mix in your embedded shapes (this works great for itty bitty or small shapes) or you can pour the mixture into the mold and place the shapes where you would like them by hand (this works well for larger shapes).  You can also just throw caution to the wind, toss them in and let them land where they may!  There’s endless variations and options when it comes to embedding in soap making, and you can feel free to use your imagination and creativity to make something special, unique, and even surprising.

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