Soap Making Technique ~ Layering

Soap Technique LayersWhen it comes to making soap, adding color is one of the highlights, like the icing on the cake.  It gives your soap visual appeal, and there are several special techniques you can use when coloring your soaps.  One of the many creative techniques that soapers use is called Layering.  Layering involves using 2 or more different colors or ingredients to create a pattern or create a contrast in textures or ingredients.

Layering is most popularly used with colors and can be done in as many layers as you like with as many different colors as you like.  It can even be done with 2 different colors on the diagonal by slanting or tilting the mold.

To layer your soap, you would pour the bottom layer into the mold, let it set for about 10 to 15 minutes until it’s firm enough to pour the next layer right on top.  You can make one batch soap mixture and divide to make different colors, scents, or abrasives, or you can make each layer separately.

If you make a whole batch at once and divide the mixture at trace to add the different ingredients, make sure you divide at a light trace so you have enough time to work with the mixture and still be able to pour it into the molds.

If you plan on having 2 or 3 layers, you can divide the entire recipe into 2 or 3 and make one layer at a time.  After your first layer of soap mixture has reached trace and you have poured it into the mold, you can begin the next layer, and so on until you are finished.

You can also use a divider placed lengthwise down the middle of the mold.  Plastic or cardboard will keep the layers separate as you pour and you can just remove after pouring to let the soap set in the mold for 24 hours to solidify.  Make sure to slowly remove the divider or you’ll end up with marbled or swirled soap instead of clean layers.

Different types of ingredients can be used to add different textures like seeds or cornmeal for slight exfoliating benefits.  You can also use different essential oils for skin benefits or mix different scents to make delicious combinations.

With as many choices as there are for making and coloring soap, you can create a truly unique array of soaps with as many tempting and skin-spoiling benefits as you can imagine.

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