Soap Making Technique ~ Stamping

Soap Making Technique StampingUsing stamps is a great way to get personalized images or custom messages on your soap.  The great thing about stamps is that there’s a wide variety and they’re so easy to use.  You can find stamps with images of flowers, geometric patterns, cute animals and symbols, words that describe the scent such as lavender or ingredients like shea butter, or even custom made sayings or logos.

Stick with more simple designs that have clearly defined lines so it will show up nicely on your soap.  You can even use items that aren’t specifically made for stamping soap if you like the pattern or impression it makes.  Using stamps are as easy as placing it on the bar of soap wherever you’d like it, and then lightly but firmly pressing or tapping the stamp into the soap after it’s been removed from the mold and cut into bars.

When the time is right to stamp your soap will depend on your recipe, moisture conditions in the air, and what works best for you.  It’s a good idea to use a scrap or spare piece of soap from your soap batch to test your stamp at 24 hour intervals after you unmold your soap and cut into bars.  Once your soap is dry and firm enough to make a clear impression, this would be the best time to stamp the batch.  You can continue using your scrap bar to stamp the scrap piece of soap just to see what kind of window you have as far as when it’s best to stamp your soap.  Once you find out, make a note on the recipe so you don’t forget.

Some soap molds have impressions right on the bottom so all you have to do is pour the soap mixture in the mold and once the soap is firm enough to remove, you will be able to see the impression on the bar.  Molds like these can come in all different shapes and sizes like rectangular or square shaped slab trays or even single bar molds.  There are also inserts that can be placed in the bottom of slab/tray molds or log/loaf molds to give the soap an impression.

Stamping, molds with imprints and removable mold impressions are easy and artistic ways to personalize, customize, and decorate your soaps, and adds to the beauty and enjoyment of making soap from scratch.

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