The Benefits of Natural Organic Soap

Anyone who has access to soap knows how useful it is.  We use it on a daily basis to clean our bodies, clothes, and homes.  Modern technology has greatly increased the amount of cheap and potentially harmful synthetic chemicals available to produce products, and countless companies around the world are using them to maximize their profits at the expense of customers’ health.  Many chemicals commonly used in the beauty industry have been linked to reports of everything from skin irritation to cancer.

The safer and healthier alternative to commercial detergents is natural organic soap.  Artificial fragrances, color, and preservatives are left out of natural organic recipes to make way for tried and true ingredients straight from mother Earth.  A blend of quality expeller-pressed oils and essential oils is all that is needed to create soap that is cleansing, nourishing, and full of skin soothing benefits.  Vegetable oils can be used for vegetarian and vegan-conscious consumers who are loyal to supporting goods that respect animals.  Flowers, seeds, grains, and spices can also be used to give soap an array of properties like abrasives for softening skin, enhanced moisturizing abilities, and color.

All this can be done without sacrificing rich bubbly lather.  Natural organic soap is something you can always be proud to make, share, and sell.  And anyone who uses it will be instantly hooked!

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Peace, Love, and SOAP! :)