Basic Info

How to Make Soap

I was actually surprised at how easy it is to make soap from scratch.  Most of it is a natural chemical reaction once the right ingredients are combined.  Lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) is a strong alkaline base that is combined with animal fat or vegetable oils to create soap.  The chemical reaction between […]

Ways to Make Soap

Soap Making Methods

Soap can be made with different ingredients and can be made by using different methods.  Different methods of making soap each have their own advantages and benefits.  And by using different ingredients, you can actually create 4 different textures and consistencies: solid bars that are hard and firm, whipped bars that are solid yet airy, […]

Creative Tips & Tricks

Soap Making Techniques

When it comes to making soap, there’s a whole world of ingredients, molds, methods, options, combinations, tips, and techniques.  As you understand and master the basics, you’ll find yourself wanting to explore the more creative side of making soap.  The real fun begins when you let the soap be a blank canvas for your inspiration […]

What You Will Need to Make Soap

Soap Making Supplies

  Here you can find a list of everything you will need to Start Making Soap!  I’ve included some recommendations and links for good products at decent prices if you’ve been bitten by the soap bug and need to get supplies so you can make all the beautiful bars of soap your heart desires!  Feel […]

Peace, Love, and SOAP! :)